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“No one can put a home together like Lanne. Class, simplicity and beauty are the words I think of when it comes to her work.”

Lanne Margrett

Lanne's background is in art & events. She has an Art Degree from Ohio State. Her strength is in using what you have in your home and adding inexpensive pieces to create an amazing look and feel. Here eye for art and design is exceptional. She isn't attached to a store so her goal is to help you develop a concept and save you time and money by utilizing discount stores, estate sales and other cost saving benefits. Using this technique, her ability to create a one of kind home experience is bar none. Lanne makes you feel comfortable, listens and knows how to work with any budget. Oh and you will have fun too! So whether you are decorating for a large party, the holidays or redoing a room, Lanne is who you need!


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